VEP serves veterans who meet the following three requirements:

  • Have separated from active duty service (or are in the process of separating) with an honorable discharge
  • Are identified as disabled by the Veteran’s Administration or DOD based on a service-connected disability (or) are service distinguished based on exemplary military conduct
  • Demonstrate an intense motivation to start or grow a business

Costs and Logistics

This program is entirely free to the veteran. All travel, accommodations, meals, materials, and instructional costs will be covered for veterans participating in the program.


Application Process

The VEP represents a unique opportunity for men and women who have sacrificed for America’s freedom to take an important step toward realizing their own freedom – economic freedom – through entrepreneurship. VEP is a selective, rigorous, and intense educational initiative that has been created to make a difference. Accordingly, the application process itself is rigorous and selective.

Successful candidates for admission will demonstrate a strong interest in entrepreneurship, high motivation for owning and managing a business, and a high likelihood of successful completion of this intense training program.


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UND Center for Innovation Foundation

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